OZARK FAMILY PRACTICE                                
Dr. Victor Armstrong D.O. & Dr. Stacy Armstrong D.O.




  1. Family Care
    Family Care
  2. Digital X-Ray
    Digital X-Ray
  3. In House Labs
    In House Labs
  4. Allergy Testing
    Allergy Testing
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  1. Mission Statement
    Our mission, vision, and values are important defining elements of our practice and what patients can expect from us. We vow to provide comprehensive family-centered care for each individual and family.
  2. Our Vision
    As specialists in Family Care, we seek to provide excellent, comprehensive health care for each member of the family, partnering with each patient to give personal care that recognizes individual needs. We pledge to treat our patients with compassion and will provide compassionate care by maintaining a relationship over time.
  3. Quality
    We pledge to maintain the highest standard of medical care in the most cost-effective manner.
  4. Advocacy
    We are committed to be advocates for our patients. As such, we are your personal link to the medical community. We strive for the highest level of patient satisfaction, promoting health education by using information systems to deliver innovative, comprehensive healthcare.
  5. Service
    We are here to help the patient, their family and the community. We are committed to provide the services necessary to improve and maintain your quality of life, ensuring timely access to quality care and striving for the highest level of patient satisfaction.
  6. Confidentiality
    We will maintain confidentiality at all times and in all places.
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